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Fly Me To You

1Hr- $400
90 Minutes- $600
2 Hours- $700
4 Hours- $1500
6Hr- $2000

8 Hr - $2600
10 Hr- $3000


Can't come to me? or has our paths not crossed locally?

I would be delighted to visit your hometown, join you on a business trip, or enjoy a vacation together!


When booking a FMTY, I ask that you give me a week in advance notice if you can!


FMTY requires a Completed Screening, and Deposit.

1 Day (8Hrs Consecutive) $2500+ Flight & Hotel Paid

2 Days, 4Hr/Day $3000 + Flight & Hotel Paid

3 Days, 4Hr/Day $4200 + Flight & Hotel Paid

Please Email for Week Rate, and Monthly Arrangements.

Outcall Info:
+$40 If I'm already in your city/Within 30 Mins from you.
+$100 If I have to travel 45 mins+
  • All Bliss Encounters Require Screening.
  • Please Fill Out My Booking Form to Complete Screening!
  • Screening Includes a Clear Picture of your Drivers License or 2-3 Recent Provider References.
Screening Info is used for my safety and is deleted after our date. 
  • Drivers License info that needs to be shown when sending screening is your Photo, DOB, and Full Name! 
  • When Submitting References, Please email me their Website/Active Ad Links. Include your Name & Phone number your references will remember you by 
  • Deposits are required if you are new to me via Cash App for All Dates.
When traveling to a different state/city I require Pre-booking and 20% deposit via Cash App,
Deposits are used to put toward my travel expenses and to confirm our date.
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